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I create website from scratch with unigue design

My name’s Alena. I’ll show your strengths, process all customer objections and push them to purchase
and selling text
in 10 days
A site that will be an income item for you, not an expense item.

Projects with an exclusive design

Лендинг агенства недвижимости в Турции
Design company
corporative website
Корпоративный сайт производителя эпоксидного клея
YES! Mallorca Property
Real estate agency in Mallorca
sales funnel design
Корпоративный сайт производителя эпоксидного клея
Hortus Flora
Landscape design Agency
landing page
Корпоративный сайт производителя эпоксидного клея
Bitrix24 partner
landing page
Лендинг агенства недвижимости в Турции
Online course for confectioners
landing page
Корпоративный сайт производителя эпоксидного клея
IT Faculty
Online school with IT courses
corporative website
Лендинг агенства недвижимости в Турции
Raftis Group
Property developer in Cyprus
sales funnel design
Интернет-магазин эко-мороженого с доставкой
Eco ice cream with a healthy composition
online store
Лендинг агенства недвижимости в Турции
Handmade wedding jewelry

online store

I create websites with care for your customers

Alena, Web Designer
Website development
Aleksei, Programmer
Code development
I have been making websites for 4 years now. Created more than 70 websites in different niches: from handmade jewelry to supply of hardware.

I can make a landing page, a corporative website or a small online store. I can integrate online payments and other services. For complex tasks I involve my programmer.

I carry out an in-depth analysis of the target audience and competitors. Therefore, I create simple, understandable texts and a catchy design. The conversion of my sites reaches 24%
A blog about design
My blog will be useful to you if you need a website or you are a designer. In my blog, I talk about mistakes in creating wфebsites, about life hacks, and show how I create websites. And there is also a lot of life content from travel, puzzles and humor! It’s in Russian but you always can translate it with the button. Subscribe ;)

Steps of website creation

Preparation of technical specification



Setup and launch

I use an integrated approach in work, which includes marketing research, copywriting, design and connection of additional services to expand functionality
Signing a contract
Briefing (call format or text)
Business, target audience and competitors analysis
Prototyping and copywriting
Selection of references
Moodboard preparation
Design mockup and website layout
Filling the site with animation and logic
Adaptation for all devices
Domain connection and https
Linking mail for receiving applications
Connecting and configuring services
Website management training
Transfer of the site and all sources

Why do you need to choose me

I will show all your benefits for customers on the site, write catchy headlines, process objections and convince them to buy

Work without intermediaries

I always finish work on time and guarantee quality, because I work without intermediaries and treat projects responsibly. Fast communication

Strong text and design

I develop design and write text thinking about the interests and needs of your target audience, so I always hit the target

Work with code

My programmer will write a code if you need to expand the existing functionality

Clear contract

I work officially. All my guarantees are enshrined in the contract

What can I do for you

Landing Page

Creating a page that encourages the user to take targeted action. For example, register for a webinar, buy a product, download a checklist or subscribe to a newsletter

Corporate website

Creation of an image site with several pages that are united by menu. Posting privacy policy and other documents

Online store

Creation of a website with a convenient catalog for selling goods. Shopping cart, payment and delivery options, marketing mailing and notifying the seller and the buyer about the order


Setting up a payment system, connecting a mailing list or just a small edit in the design (for the websites made by myself only)

I am trusted

Henry Ford
Quality is about doing something right, even when no one is looking
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